Training for professionals, by professionals


Staff management

How to engage and motivate teams around a common project? 

A key issue for all managers. A training course conducted by a manager that addresses the various levers that increase team motivation: managerial benevolence, the company’s social mission, emotion management, etc.

 A training by Emmanuel PIEGAY

Marketing, business development, strategy and entrepreneurship

Training to develop and sustain the profitable growth of your company.


We present you a hundred of pragmatic tools taught in business schools and MBA (Strategic Canvas, Leadership Canvas, Business Model Canvas, SWOT-TOWS, The Golden Triangle, Design Thinking, Cash management…).

A training course conducted by a multi-entrepreneur and strategy consultant who has accompanied many companies in their development over the last twenty years.

 A training by Emmanuel PIEGAY

Creation and organization of large events

A complete training on the methodological tools to design and organize all types of events, from 10 to more than 5000 participants. Topics covered include: design tools, process optimization, security, rescue, contingency and risk management, logistics, project management, volunteer management, set-up schedules, mapping, legislation…

A training course conducted by an event organizer and producer with more than 20 years of experience in organizing conferences, product launches and major sporting or other events with more than 5000 participants.

 A training by Emmanuel PIEGAY

Performance improvment

We will discuss different techniques to improve your performance.

A training presented by Anouk Garnier, vice-champion of the world of obstacle courses. 

A training by Anouk GARNIER

Stress management

We will introduce you to the methods and tools to manage your stress in the workplace. A training designed by Annelise BAILLY, certified coach, European Biathlon Champion and former military officer, notably in Afghanistan.

A training by Annelise BAILLY

Mental performance

Fabien Dupuis, coach in mental preparation for high level sportsmen, mountain bike instructor, soccer state certificate, sports trainer and accomplished sportsman, intervenes on the levers of the performance and in which it is necessary to dissociate this one from the result. 

A training by Fabien DUPUIS

time and priority management

A training presented by Ga├źl Oclit to learn how to manage your time and priorities to improve your business management. Visit his website.

A training by Ga├źl OCLIT

non violent communication

Learn to understand each other better through non-violent communication. A training presented by Jean-Luc Sost.

A training by Jean-Luc SOST

personal branding

Whether you like marketing or not, let’s remember that the first product we sell is US and that it’s all about EDUCATION! Companies NEED collaborators… But in the end they PREFERE TO select some and thank others. This principle works both in terms of recruitment and retention. The same goes for us! How do we choose the organizations in which we would like to spend most of our time? This module entitled “MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND”, also called “PERSONAL BRANDING” or “SELF-MARKETING”, aims to take a wise step towards your own success through the triptych: KNOWING YOURSELF – MAKING YOURSELF KNOWN – BEING RECOGNIZED.

A training by Eric AUJOGUE

Getting to know each other better to work better with others by leveraging the ActionTypes® approach

┬áThe diagnosis of motricity allows to identify one’s own mode of functioning, motor and cerebral, and to rely on one’s own points to adapt one’s way of going towards others and towards performance. A training course presented by Kevin Lavergne, a sports osteopath and sports educator for 20 years. Certified ActionTypes┬« Practitioner-Consultant┬á

A training by Kevin LAVERGNE

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This referencing, which requires to meet 21 quality criteria, is also a guarantee of reliability, both for the trainees and for the structures.
This assures you, therefore, the reimbursement by the OPCA of the costs of the training actions carried out with QYD CATHAY.

We offer customized training in the following fields:

Management–Entrepreneurship –Business development –Employee commitment–Mental performance.

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